Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here the most frequently asked questions. Please notice that this section is under construction, we are working hard in order to have a final version asap (Including language revision).

How many times do I pay for my forest?

You pay only once. And we do the rest for you.

What is a periodic subscription?

A periodic subscription allows you to expand your forest(s) in a regular basis.
In example, if you spend 100 € of gas/petrol each month, you can offset it periodically. The same principle applies for your electricity, internet or city gas consumption.
You can cancel periodic subscription anytime you wish.

Can I visit my own forest?

A young forest is very fragile. It would be a question of: what is better for our forest?
We don’t put fences on our forests (At least we have to protect it from wild fauna) so anyone could come in. However, please, try to not step on a new forest for, at least, the first 5 years. And when you do, be extremely cautious. The forest is a living organism, and that includes the soil we step on, and as sch, it needs time to become mature.
Keep in mind that we will regularly post images and you can always watch out your forests via our satellite images.

How is the amount of cached carbon being calculated?

There are rigorous scientific studies that tell us estimations on how much each tree variety captures through time depending on many variables such as climate and the soil type. We have to add the carbon that is sequestered in the soil, in the animals and of course, in the roots of the forest. We will perform periodic tests to correct our estimations if needed.

Can I sell my forest?

Our shared model does not allow this because we don’t want to create forest shares as a good that people can trade with. Reforestum has not been thought to create an economic profit for its members and or a way to make savings for future. However, under special conditions you can transfer your forest as a family heritage.

What is a share?

A forest share is exactly the same concept as a company share. The forest does not belong to one single person but to many persons, it belongs to the Reforesum members.
This is our way to make economically viable that people can join together to save the planet. And also to reunite our members together around the same goal and around nature.
Imagine a piece of forest of 100 square meters. Let’s say we divide that forest in 100 pieces, there you have a share. Notice no one can own 100% of shares of a forest.

Why I am not allowed to own 100% shares of a single forest?

Our mission is to make sure of the longevity of our forests. Once a forest is planted, we have to keep it forever (Of course we can not tell what will happen in 1.000 years). Therefore, our policy is that no one can own more than a 49% share of a forest, like this, no one could ever claim any rights for it. Either Way, our legal advisors have made sure than when a member acquires a share and therefore agrees to a contract, all possibilities are covered and the forest best interest protected.

Given that a forest have a fix periodic cost for Reforestum, where does that money came from?

We make sure than when you buy your share, you are paying all expenses for the next 30 years. After that, we will use the forest surplus to pay the maintenance that it requires.

What happens if the forest is damaged because of a natural disaster or a climate condition

In case of such unlikely and unfortunate scenario, the members of the forest will keep the shares. And each one of them (individually) will have to decide weather to weather pay a little extra contribution for the works that the forest needs, or keeping it wild. Take into consideration that if Reforestum would assume this expenses, the rest of Reforestum forests would be in danger.
NOTE: In order to avoid an abusive use of our forest: not even in the case of a natural disaster the members can sell their shares.